THE CLOSER ''Off the Hook'' Review Season 6,Episode 6

Tonight's episode of THE CLOSER, Off the Hook, was all about the blame game. After the commissioner of the state parole board was murdered while on the phone with Sergeant Gabriel, Chief Pope totally freaked out and started looking for a scapegoat. In an unprecedented move, he took over the case from Brenda, and Operation Swift Justice was born. Despite his interference, Major Crimes solved the case, although Brenda and Pope's friendship might have been a casualty.

In keeping with the theme of pointing fingers, the murderer turned out to be a woman who blamed Commissioner Ross for her husband's murder. To me, it would have made more sense for her to blame, you know, the guy who actually killed her husband. Still, it was a nice twist and it was cool to see Major Crimes put everything together while in hiding from Pope.

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