MAD MEN ''The Rejected'' Review Season 4, Episode 4

Tonight's episode of MAD MEN The Rejected truly did center around the rejected. First up was Allison, Don's secretary who apparently has not gotten over her hurt feelings from their holiday night together. Allison is dragged into a focus group run by Dr. Faye in order to determine if the idea Peggy came up with for Pond's cold cream will work on the target audience of women between 18-25. Peggy's idea is about the beauty ritual and how applying the cold cream and staring at yourself in the mirror for 20 minutes is a good thing. Unfortunately, the focus group shows that when it comes to beauty, all the women can think about is how to use it to get men. Very quickly one of the members of the group breaks down over a lost relationship and laments about how she was not pretty enough. Another girl meekly wonders if makeup would be the solution. As Don put it, how did things get so sad so quickly? No sooner had he said that then Allison also starts sobbing. Earlier she had mumbled that it was harder when the man noticed you and pointedly looked at the two-way mirror and straight at Don. Now, unable to control her tears she quickly exits the room with Peggy following to check up on her. Although sympathetic at first, Peggy quickly hardens and tells Allison to move on after Allison suggests that Peggy knows exactly what she is going through having worked for Don herself. What Allison doesn't know is that Don rebuffed Peggy's advances. Clearly, she has not gotten over that either. After the focus group is a complete failure, Dr. Faye suggests they go with the idea that Ponds cold cream helps women get husbands. Don declares that so 1925 and says he is going to infuse some new ideas for the client. I wonder if he will manage to be 100% focused when it comes to Ponds or if he will just phone it in like he did for Lucky Strikes? Adding insult to injury, when asked to write a resignation letter by Allison, Don tells her to just write it herself. Allison is right, Don is just a very bad person right now.

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