TRUE BLOOD Season 2, Episode 9: "I Will Rise Up" - Review

Wow! I don't really have words to express how I feel about tonight's episode of TRUE BLOOD, "I Will Rise Up." So before I get into that last unforgettable scene, I'll start with what happened throughout the episode.

Hoyt & Jessica

Out of all the sadness at least these two seem to have a "normal" relationship. Although I do hate Hoyt's mother. Jeez. I have to wonder how he turned out so good.


Sam has to turn to Andy for help, that's how desperate he is. I do love that he turned himself into a fly, I still think that whole shape-shifter thing is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll ever be safe until either Maryann gets her hands on him or he kills her, but can she even be killed?


Tara can be grateful she has Lafayette in her life. How freaking awesome is he?! And even her mom is a better alternative to staying with Maryann, that's saying something. At this point I don't think Tara will be of any help until Maryann is dealt with. I do wonder why Lafayette and her mom weren't affected by Maryann though.


That woman is evil! And I'm afraid that she won't stop until she gets her hands on Sam (poor thing, what did he do to deserve this!). I wonder if the vampires will be able to do anything against her and/or if Sookie's ability to read her mind will come handy in any way.


This was probably the sweetest episode for him. The scene between him and Sookie was so adorable and gave us an insight as to who the real Jason is. I am now looking forward to finding out what he does next.


Here comes the interesting and outrageous part. Eric freaking tricked Sookie into drinking his blood so that he could keep track of her?!!! That is so devious, but so hot at the same time... especially that dream that Sookie had with Eric! Who knew that drinking a vampire's blood would make them seem sexually attractive to you (although I wonder if that works with unattractive vampires too). Oh and the whole Bill and Eric story has now officially become my new "Lost dilemma" (do I like Sawyer or Jack better? I still can't choose).


Poor Bill, he is just powerless against Eric and his cunning ways. I wonder if he will lose Sookie to him before the end of the season.


Yes, Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, but his last scene with Godric totally redeemed him in my eyes. Seeing in how much pain he was over losing Godric was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have seen in True Blood, and I won't forget it anytime soon.


And to finish, the saddest scene I have seen in True Blood. I cannot believe they killed Godric!!! Why would they do this to me? Godric was the best vampire character ever, and we only got to see him in two episodes, that's really upsetting. But even worse is that even his death was one of the most beautiful scenes. His whole discussion with Sookie, and how humble and in awe he was about the whole thing proves once more how brilliant the writers of the show are.

And with that, there is only 3 episodes left this season, *snif*. It feels like there is so much more that needs to happen. But the main thing is for Sookie, Jason, Bill, and Eric to go home and see what has been happening to Bon Temps while they were away.

Now I want to hear your thoughts on tonight's incredible episode of True Blood. Were you as heartbroken as I was about Godric's demise? What do you think of the new love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric? Please share in the comments below.

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Aug 18, 2009 6:05PM EDT

eric is ohmygod gorgeous...

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Aug 19, 2009 12:56AM EDT

Hoyt & Jessica: Love them
Maryanne: Hate her
Sam: Happy for him (he escaped again)
Tara: Glad for her (she was rescued?)
Eggs: Hate it for him (that maenad lady is taking him down w/her)
Jason: He's just funny
Sookie: Excited for her (One word: Eric!)
Bill: Feel sorry for him : (
Eric: Love him <3
Godrick: Impressed with him (& missing him already...maybe he "will rise up"...)

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Aug 19, 2009 1:17PM EDT

Someone brought up a good point... If Sookie is so attracted to Bill... maybe it's only because she drank his blood. Maybe they aren't actually "in love". I LOVE Eric and wish there was a way Sookie and him could be together.

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Aug 19, 2009 2:59PM EDT

ok firstly tat dream sequence wow!!!
i loved this episode it showed a different side to eric which makes him even more irresistible!!
surely the vamps would be able to sprt maryanne out as she has gotten worse since they left!
also is it possible since no vampire can glamour sookie does this mean she will be immune to maryannes abilitys??
hoyt and jessica are just so cute!!!
i do feel sorry for bill but is there a reason he has kinda melted into the background slightly???

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Aug 19, 2009 4:28PM EDT

i have to say i always like the bad boy better, in your reference to lost, i like sawyer better than jack and in true blood i most definitely am hoping for some sookie-eric action haha, bill and sookie are getting just a little boring i'm sad to say and i agree with shadow444, bill seems to become less interesting with every passing episode.lastly, i have to say the last part of the episode was SO good, but i was also very sad to see godric go, apart from being a cutie, he was a great character.

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