Flash Forward: Preview of Episode 9 "Believe"

Our characters are taking control of their fates in Flash Forward, gripping the hope brought forth by the death of Agent Al Gough. But what if avoiding visions only leads to their fulfillment? And what about those who want the visions to come true?

Tonight's episode "Believe" is one filled with getting to the bottom of things. First off, Bryce (Zachary Knighton) decides to search for the woman in his flash-forward. She's what kept him alive during his time down in the dumps, so it's only expected he'll start looking for her.

Meanwhile, Mark (Joseph Fiennes) tries to track down the person who sent Olivia (Sonya Walger) the text-message about his flash-forward drinking. Behind their attempts to keep things together, the threat of the visions coming true continues to disturb them.

Another person trying to pursue a stranger is Demetri (John Cho). He and his co-agents decide to uncover the identity of the mysterious caller who told him about his death. Back in the episode "White to Play," a woman forewarned him about his fate. Can they actually discover her identity and prevent Demetri's demise on March 15, 2010?

Speaking of demise, the previously-thought dead Tracy Stark (Genevieve Cortese) behaves even more oddly in the company of her father. Aaron (Bryan F. O'Byrne) is concerned about his daughter and seeks help. While this risks revealing her existence to Jericho, the troubled dad knows he has to do something to ease his child's pain.

Below, you can catch the trailer for tonight's episode titled "Believe." We finally get another peek at the Japanese girl in Bryce's vision, something that showrunner David Goyer seemed enthusiastic about.

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