Gossip Girl Scoop: Savage "Spills" On Back-to-School Shake-Ups

People.com spoke with Gossip Girl executive producer Stephanie Savage about what the masses can expect when the series returns to The CW on September 14. While those of us who regularly ravage the web for spoilers (oh, what a sad but oddly satisfying shared existence we lead...) have heard most of these half-hints before, it doesn't hurt to speculate on what Steph is leaving out of her so-called "scoop."

The most interesting secrets Savage might be hinting at? I could be way off-base, but it sounds like Serena is runway- rather than Brown-bound, while Blair's headed for a character and wardrobe over... underhaul.

Blair: The Odd One Out

"Blair is the fish out of water," says Savage of Leighton Meester's character. "Now that she is going to school downtown, Vanessa and Dan are really among their people. So it's bizarre-o world for her."

Translation: Blair's storyline might as well be subtitled "How to Survive in Hipster Hell." We'll see a lot of humorously pathetic moments like this headband-upset... including Blair (out of necessity) getting style tips from Vanessa and actually acknowledging Dan's humanity. She'll either denounce the dirty hippies when they eventually reject her, or devise a plan to enlist the cleanest and brightest skirt-wearing co-eds in a new army of socialite skanks. Or, she'll take the "if you can't beat 'em, wear Birkenstocks like 'em" tactic. [Cue brain explosion.]

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