Review: Better Off Ted - Battle of the Bulbs Season 2, Episode 3

This wasn't the great Dr. Bhamba-centric episode I've been hoping for since season one, but it'll do. Watching Bhamba and Lem work together to solve Stella Clifton's insane equation was a blast. And so was learning about the disturbing lack of crocodiles in Bhamba's dreams. But this ep was less about my favorite wacky underused character and more about a competition between two co-workers and an odd dynamic between a mother and her son.

Let's start with Ted and Linda. Veridian finally gave Linda a pat on the back after she came up with an idea for a scented light bulb that comes in "aromas ranging from zucchini bread to fresh laundry." Good for her. Sadly, the company's decision to greenlight Linda's smelly bulbs meant Ted's idea for a super long lasting bulb was shelved. I was hoping to see Ted squirm a little more to win back the company's favor, but the focus fell more on Linda and her newfound confidence.

Portia de Rossi still kills as the steely Veronica. I love watching her charge through every episode like an uber confident shark ready to consume anything or anyone that gets in her way. Linda couldn't pull off the extreme confident attitude as well as Veronica does, but she got a few nice shots in by ordering a co-worker to take off his tie and scolding an executive for his non-existent emotional hang-ups. She earned the right to feast on chicken! (A live one even.)

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