Recap: "The Curious Case of Kellerman's Button"

This week, Jerry faces further conflict with Judge Farnsworth after the new judge punishes Jerry's client for Jerry's own tardiness. However, Jerry becomes determined to have the last word by making Farnsworth the victim of his own by-the-book procedures. Meanwhile, Roz and Richard team up to defend a young African-American man accused of committing a hate crime against a gay man, which causes some hype in the community.

The show begins with Jerry and Michelle walking while simultaneously talking on their cell phones. Jerry turns the corner and approaches Michelle, and boy does that woman light up when she spots him for the first time.

Roz and Richard together defend Mr. Darrell King, the young man accused of beating up another man, Sean, simply because of his sexuality. Marcus refuses to plead out the hate crime and feels it is especially important to bring such a case to court. However, Balco tells Marcus to make a deal to avoid making the case public because of the uproar it will bring amongst nearby gay and black communities.

Marcus goes on another date with Amelia, and she tells him he could do well in politics. Marcus replies that "the only votes he cares about are the twelve in the box" (witty!).

Jerry shows up to Judge Farnsworth's courtroom late (not once, but twice) and the judge punishes Jerry's client, Owen Clark, by postponing his hearing by one month, potentially costing him his job.

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