'The Office' Recap: Kiss me, stupid Season 6, Episode 21

I realized something watching last night's episode of The Office: Everyone has become Jim and Pam. By which I mean, even the minor characters are getting romantic. There's Erin and Andy, along with Oscar and Warehouse Matt. There's the never-ending slow-mo train wreck that is Ryan and Kelly (if you mash up their last names, you get 'KapHow,' which sounds a bit like a bomb going off.)

Don't forget, this season started with Stanley's affair. And now, we're even venturing back into love-triangle territory with Dwight, Isabel, and Angela. (The only characters who haven't had a romantic plotline are Meredith and Creed. Hmmmm. Meredith and Creed. I like the sound of that.)

None of these relationships have quite the same funny-sad emotional intensity as vintage PB & J, but taken all together, they form an ecosystem of relentless amusement. Last night's episode, which had a few million great throwaway moments with the supporting cast, was a real treat.

The fun started with the pre-credits sequence. Michael challenged everyone in the office to beat his record of '25 and one girl push-up.' The winner would get to go home. (I read somewhere that Google does something like this. Stupid hippies.) Personally, I was betting on Oscar for the win, but Stanley managed to find the inner strength to succeed. ('He's got all this weight that's helping him go down,' Michael complained.)

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