Doctor Who: "The Hungry Earth" Review Season 5, Episode 8

Silurians! First seen back among the frills and flares of Jon Pertwee's 1970s spin as Doctor Who. Fitting then, that 'The Hungry Earth' had a bit of an old school Who vibe, trading in brash spectacle for a slightly more low-key yarn. The last time this happened was in 2008's Sontaran two-parter which, as camply enjoyable as it was, played up the classic potato-headed villains as largely ineffectual intergalactic divas - probably not the way most old Who fans wanted them remembered.

This time however, 'The Hungry Earth' attempted to add a spot of the sinister to proceedings, reinventing the Doctor's 40-year-old foe with a little more reverence than the Sontarans enjoyed. Not that we saw much of the Silurians in this opening episode of two - it was more about the build-up, painting the ancient Earth-dwelling creatures as a rounded, believable threat to Humanity.

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