Legend of the Seeker: "Tears" Review Season 2, Episode 22

While the promos for Legend of the Seeker's second season finale continue to refer to the episode as a "season finale", it has been widely reported that the show is not returning for a third season. This gives "Tears" a greater responsibility to provide the audience with a satisfying conclusion than if it were a regular season finale.

Wrapping up the Stone of Tears storyline is the chief concern in the episode, and it involves all the different groups that have been on the show throughout the season. We have Darken Rahl and his Mord-Sith, Sister Nicci, the Sisters of the Dark, and the Keeper all joining in the fun this week. Even Sister Verna makes a welcome reappearance, although it is too brief and she does not interact with the four main heroes. Sister Nicci and Darken Rahl teaming up is the most interesting development, one that I would have been looking forward to seeing develop in Season 3, although the cliffhanger with these two at the end of the episode has become irrelevant. Craig Parker's Darken Rahl is the Legend of the Seeker villain with the most charisma and the only one who delivers his lines with any sense of flair.

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