The Girls Next Door: A Fairytale Surprise for the New Girls

It would be nice to start things off with Once upon a time and finish it all with a fairytale ending, but we haven't gotten to that yet. We've only just been introduced to the new batch of The Girls Next Door, spending their first few days in their Playboy castle with the handsome (?!?) prince.

Okay, so the 83-year-old Hugh Hefner isn't exactly someone you'd consider a knight in shining armor. Still, he does wear that shiny robe all the time and is protecting the careers of his three princesses. But living in that mansion is such a dream for these ladies that you can't help but wonder how they achieved it and became The Girls Next Door. It's also quite peculiar why the show's such a success.

"We're living in a fantasy world," Crystal Harris aka Hef's No. 1 told the NY Post. "Dreams come true for girls on this show. What girl doesn't want to watch that?"

Harris got acquainted with Hugh Hefner during the Playboy Halloween party in 2008. At first, she was shocked and a bit frightened upon being recruited into The Girls Next Door. She wasn't comfortable being filmed that much, and that it really took getting used to.

"I was afraid I would keep looking into the cameras," she admitted. "None of us expected to be on TV."

These ladies didn't really know what they were getting into when they were introduced to the day-to-day exposure of reality television. They simply arrived at an opportune time, as the former residents - Holly, Kendra and Bridget - were on their way out.

"They were filming the last few episodes [of Season 5] while we were unpacking," Karissa Shannon admitted. "We never saw it coming."

Well, it looks like they have plenty more surprises in the Playboy mansion. As promised, Hef helped catapult them to popularity as the twins already landed roles with award-winning director Sofia Coppola.

"We're focused and ready to make the most of our opportunities," Karissa said. Fairytale ending or not, these Girls Next Door are already stuck in Hugh Hefner's realm of Playboy fantasy. And they simply won't have it any other way.

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