The Vampire Diaries: Preview of Episode 13 "Children of the Damned"

The Vampire Diaries sheds light on what caused the rift in Damon and Stefan's relationship with the flashback episode "Children of the Damned." Tonight, more secrets about Mystic Falls will be revealed, including the Salvatore family history, when Stefan and Damon recall the events that transpired in the year 1864.

We meet Guiseppe Salvatore (guest star James Remar), Stefan and Damon's father, who is aware of the existence of vampires and who tries his best to keep his boys safe from the creatures of the night. But we all know that Guiseppe efforts can only go so far, especially with Katherine around.

Then there's Pearl (guest star Kelly Hu), a pharmacist who had a run-in with Katherine way back in the day.

Meanwhile, in the present, Bonnie goes out on a date with Ben, the new bartender at Mystic Grill. Unfortunately, their evening takes a horrific turn.

On the other hand, Stefan and Damon are racing against each other to find the missing journal that belonged to Elena's ancestor, Jonathan Gilbert. As Stefan finds out the reason behind Alaric's interest in both the journal and the town's history, Damon discovers that an old acquaintance has returned to town with an agenda he understands.

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