Real Chance of Love 2: Season 2, Episode 2 - "Love is in the Stallionaire" - Preview

There are 16 girls left on this sophomore season of Real Chance of Love, so the Stallionaires have to raise the stakes. With all these ladies at their beck and call, the guys can't seem to figure out what to do with them. Still, they don't forget how important it is to find out who their perfect match is, so they try to find out what the remaining contestants have to offer.

On "Love is in the Stallionaire," Real and Chance ask the ladies to give them a door-to-door sales pitch. The sweet-talking sweet 16 have to discuss their best qualities and show the guys just what they have that will make them stand out.

Trying their best to prove what feasts they can bring to the table, the contenders will be advertising a product they have to know best: themselves. Real and Chance might have a hard time deciding the winner for the challenge, and there will be more than one.

Those with the best sales pitch get to go on a date with the Stallionaires, which is why these ladies won't be holding back. Some of them have come even more prepared than the others, giving out their all just to win over the guys.

Tonight's episode of Real Chance of Love 2 will be filled with heartfelt presentations, as well as even more romance from the guys. There's also a midnight visit to the Stallionaires' room that might just derail the competition.

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