Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Cubic Z" Review Season 4, Episode 3

This was an enjoyable episode of Chuck, marred by a not so hot subplot. The return of two villains from the show's past was definitely an appreciated aspect, though I do hope a bit more momentum will occur soon this season.

I've always felt Chuck hasn't made nearly enough use of their already established villains before - I still want to see the return of Season 1's Reardon Paine (Kevin Weisman), dang it! The guy was a gymnast turned "poisoner!" That rules!

But in this week's episode, we did get the return of both Nicole Richie as Heather Chandler and Steve Austin as Hugo Panzer. Heather was especially notable, given her history with Sarah - and like in her first appearance, Richie was actually very solid, having fun as this snarky, deadly gal.

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