Shrek Forever After (2010) Review

Midlife crises cause some men to buy Stratocasters or dump old spouses. In the case of the fat green alpha male in Shrek Forever After, the chafe of marriage and fatherhood has led the celebrity ogre to romanticize the bad old days when he was a bachelor swamp thing who scared the populace witless. So when the devious magic-broker Rumpelstiltskin (voiced by Walt Dohrn) offers a deal that includes a day of freedom, Shrek (Mike Myers) accepts. Bad move. Rumpel is the evil twin of Clarence the good angel in It's a Wonderful Life. He effectively turns Shrek into Jimmy Stewart's George Bailey, horrified into action - and repentance - by the vision of what the kingdom of Far Far Away would have become had he never been born and Rumpel ruled the world.

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