FlashForward - Goyer and Borsiczky Hint at Future

FlashForward-cast-001There's lots going on with ABC's freshman drama FlashForward. In addition to the premise of the show being absolutely chaotic, we also have the many, many character arcs that are going on. So, in the newest issue of TV Guide, the cast of FlashForward got together to ask the creators, husband-and-wife team David Goyer and Jessika Borsiczky, their burning questions regarding their characters and the show in general.

Star Joseph Fiennes, who plays Mark Benford, asked the duo about which came first, the Olivia's affair or Mark's drinking problem. "I can say that Mark gets an opportunity to revisit his flash with more clarity later this season. We didn't see the entire 2 minutes and 17 seconds, but it will get rounded out. That further explains his downward spiral and the reactions it causes," Borsiczky shared. "There may be another reason why Mark drinks that has nothing to do with Lloyd or Olivia. And it may be a much more interesting reason. But we won't explore that until the second half of the season," Goyer shared. Australian viewers know what this reason is, as they were treated to the new episode before American audiences were - and it dropped a significant piece of information regarding Benford's relationship with another character that will leave audiences gasping for more over the Christmas hiatus.

Dominic Monaghan, who portrays the enigmatic Simon Campos, simply wanted to know if Simon was good or bad. "Simon is gray for now," Goyer confirmed. "I'll tell you that Simon has new information about Somalia and the crow die-off there."

John Cho, who plays Demetri Noh, questioned about his characters lack of a flashforward, and wanted to know if he'd still have a job by the end of the season. Borsiczky hinted about the huge reveal about Demetri's fate that will be revealed in the fall finale of the show (Australian audiences know what's being referenced, and it's quite the shocker. Here's a hint: it's related to the other 'significant information' I told you about above.

Courtney B. Vance simply wanted to know about the guy in the Detroit stadium who did not fall unconsious. Goyer dodged the question, instead hinting about Red Panda Resources, an as-yet unknown organization on Mark's board. It's all the name of an official FlashForward website, similar to Lost's The Fuselage.

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