The Hills Season 5, Episode 11: "It's On Bitch" - Recap

Season 5 of The Hills returned with a bang... or shall I say bitch? Spencer and Heidi's "welcome home" party (that they threw for themselves) served as the introduction to the second half of the season and the new members joining the cast. So what drama went down with K-Cav and the crew? Read on for the recap.

Kristin is doing the voiceover and it's somewhat strange to see her driving the car in the opening credits instead of Lauren. She even gets first billing over Heidi. Although Brody's girlfriend Jayde is not looking forward to meeting his ex, it seems she's not the one who needs to worry about losing her man to the "real-deal female player," as he refers to her. And, sidenote, why does Lo have the title of "Audrina's friend?" Shouldn't she be acknowledged as a series regular by now?

"She-Pratt" Stephanie immediately goes up to Justin Bobby and starts a fight with him about his lack of greeting to Audrina. Kristin then gets into it with her and it's all downhill (or uphill, for those of us who love this stuff) from there. "He can handle himself; he's a big boy," Kristin screams to Stephanie. Audrina then gets involved, since the argument is sort of about her, and when they finally part ways, Kristin warns her, "You f---ed with the wrong girl, dude."

Back from their honeymoon, Spencer and Heidi are looking for a house. I'm sorry; can anyone tell me what Spencer is sporting in this scene? Hat and boots? Heidi loves the house, but her constant mention of the word nursery freaks her new hubby out just a tad. They see another house that Heidi feels is too modern and too much of a "porno pad." Too bad Spencer already went ahead and put down the deposit. Nice move, S.

Later that week, Brody throws Frankie a birthday fiesta. The whole crew, minus Audrina and Speidi, are there, even Stacie the bartender. As Kristin flirts with Justin Bobs, they debate the status of his former relationship with Audrina, Stacie remarks that A. was a stage-five clinger. On the other end of the table, Lo and Stephanie are keeping their eye on Kristin, and Lo decides that regardless, she's going to be friendly in order to avoid getting on K-Cav's bad side.

The fiesta moves across the street to watch the Lakers game and Kristin and Justin Bobby continue to flirt and use his "motorcycle" as their metaphor for something else she'd like to ride. She gets herself a date with JB.

At STK, Kristin admits to Justin that she thought twice about going out with him. Why? Because she surprisingly understands where Audrina is coming from. "The one guy you can't get, you'll always have a thing for," Kristin explains. But she continues to flirt with him and we're left hanging as their discussing her awesome pad with a fabulous (and empty) bed she needs to break in.

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