'V' Preview: Episode 10 'Hearts and Minds'

After releasing a V soldier that failed to capture Ryan and his pregnant wife Valerie last week, Anna takes drastic measures to eliminate her enemies. The never-ending quest to fight the Visitors continues tonight on ABC's V and this time, more lives are at stake when Anna sends a V shuttle with a deadly tracker team to hunt Erica, Ryan, Father Jack and Hobbes.

In the episode "Hearts and Minds," Erica's team must find a way to prevent the dangerous V shuttle from landing on Earth. But while Erica is busy worrying about this, little does she know that Anna's efforts has already hit close to home.

When we last saw V, Lisa discouraged Tyler to live on the Mothership after learning her mother's plans for Tyler. But will Tyler follow her wishes now that her mother, Anna, personally invites him to the Live Abroad Program?

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