Modern Family Episode 22: "Airport 2010" Review

There was a lot to enjoy in "Airport 2010." It was nonstop fun from beginning to end. Gloria's surprise trip to Maui for Jay's birthday went from a relaxing getaway to a chaotic family outing, all for the pleasure of the viewer. The series has been finding great material in all sorts of family activities all season long, so it's no surprise that a family vacation got the same successful treatment.

News of Modern Family taking its cast of characters to Hawaii broke a number of weeks ago and was met by excitement from most fans of the series. I was thrilled that this episode focused on getting to and being at the airport before the vacation could even start. Too often, this part of a family vacation is glossed over in sitcoms, perhaps only used for a joke or two before we are faded into our final destination. Modern Family milked these preflight hours for all they were worth with some fantastic results.

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