Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

Joey and Dawson lay face down on his bed watching ET. Dawson turns off the movie and switches it to the local news, which his mom co-anchors for and continues his conversation with Joey. Joey watches the TV as she gets up to put on her shoes and they discuss his mother's new hair style. Dawson notices Joey putting on her shoes, and asks where she is going. She tells him she is going home but Dawson tells her he doesn’t want her to. Joey tells him she can’t sleep over anymore stating they are not kids anymore; that they are starting high school and the female and male thing. She tries to make Dawson understand that they are now evolving and that she doesn’t want the female/male thing getting in the way. Dawson convinces her to stay by telling her not to go all female on him. Dawson and Joey each climb under the covers say goodnight while Dawson stares at the ceiling.

Joey is laying in a lawn chair on the dock outside of Dawson's house while Dawson films the scene for his movie. Joey screams as the sea creature takes her into the water. As Joey gets out of the water she complains about Pacey grabbing her and she, Dawson and Pacey argue on the dock. A taxi pulls up and an attractive young girl gets out and walks toward them. Pacey, Dawson and Joey walk toward the girl. They introduced themselves and find out that the girl is Jen Lindley from New York City, Dawson's neighbor's granddaughter. She will be staying with her grandmother for awhile to help her grandmother with her sick grandfather. Dawson, Joey and Pacey find out that she is their age and will be in the same grade as them.

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