Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: September 3, 2009 (Eviction 8)

All summer long, Jeff and Jordan have shown that not all reality TV relationships are embarrassing sex-fests. The two have shared their lives with one another, sometimes tenderly, sometimes hilariously. And while many people may be glad to see them finally broken up, I think I will miss this genuinely cute couple. So, which of them would be heading to the jury house? And who would become the new head of household? Let's find out.

From the get-go, Jeff seems convinced (with good reason) that he is going home. He knows that Kevin is against him after failing to put Natalie up at the veto meeting, so Jeff's final line of attack is through Natalie. Jeff pleads his case, noting that since Kevin will not be able to compete for HOH, it's basically two against one. Natalie understands Jeff's offer to fight with her to get Kevin out, but says she will need a much sweeter deal.

Jeff and Michele then cook up the sweeter deal: They will both throw the HOH competition, guaranteeing Natalie a pass into the Final 3. Natalie seems to like the deal, and Kevin gets a little worried when he sees them talking. (Especially after she broke his trust by grabbing more cash after he told her how to free him from Pandora's box.)

Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan try to enjoy each other for the last few days they have together. As I said, they have bonded on a personal level, and while there's some kissing here and there and talk of more, they really just seem to enjoy each other's company. I laughed when they plotted their dramatic goodbye kiss (which never came to be), and I actually wish that they might give a relationship a shot outside of the house. Reality TV relationships rarely feel this genuine.

Julie has a few laughs with the houseguests, showing clips of their many wipeouts during the HOH competition, as well as Natalie's completely hilarious fear of dragonflies. The mood gets serious, however, when the live vote, as expected, comes back as a tie. Kevin, who I had begun to like, despite his game choices, throws some attitude at Jeff about his plea speech and gives him the boot.

And just like that, one of the summer's best players (he actually played the game; say what you will about the coup d'etat) is headed to the lions' den. I'm sure Russell and Jessie are going to give him crap, even though both of them surprised Lydia in the jury house by saying they would vote for Jeff if he made it to the finals. Otherwise, Jessie and Lydia's 3rd-grade tickle match by the pool was a waste of time. Jeff's interview with Julie is short, and had no goodbye messages. (Note: Big Brother aired late in my market because of pre-season football. Maybe they edited some of the interview out in the replay? If anyone else saw goodbye messages during the live show, please share.)

The HOH contest challenged the game's three remaining women to decide if statements Julie made were true or false. Jordan jumped out to a quick lead, but fumbled down the stretch, letting Natalie and Michele catch up. In the end, there was a three-way tie. Natalie wins the tie-breaker and becomes the new HOH. "Chima you will have your vengeance," she says, and Michele has to know what that means. "This is for you Chima," Natalie says later. And then I feel nauseous.

So, what did you think of Jeff's eviction? Are you glad Natalie is HOH? Who do you think she will nominate? Can you believe the game will be over in only 11 days? Share all your thoughts in the comments below, vote in our final Power Rankings poll, and check back to see who is nominated.

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