Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 2 - Dance

In Dawson's room, Joey and Dawson are watching Dawson's video. Joey comments on her and Pacey having to kiss wondering if it's necessary.

Joey lays on Dawson's bed, flips the tape off and looks over at Dawson at his desk. He's working on a model of her head. She apolizes to Dawson about ruining one of the scenes but insists that Pacey is just too repugent to kiss. Dawson explains to Joey that it is only a movie and for that scene she is going to have to kiss Pacey. She continues to explain to Dawson the reasons why she will not kiss Pacey. Joey then changes the conversation and asks Dawson if he has kissed Jen yet. Dawson tells her there is no need to rush fate but he and Jen will kiss, eventually. He just wonders if Joey's lips will ever find Pacey's so he can finish that scene then tells her she has kissable lips. Dawson moves the head to where Joey can see it, tells her she gives good lip and that she can always close hers eyes and think of somebody else when she kisses Pacey.

At Capeside High, announcements are playing over the loud speaker reminding the students of the dance on Saturday to celebrate the school's victory win game on Friday.

Dawson walks into Mr. Gold's film class wanting to speak with him with him about getting into the class. He ends up getting into the class but only as an observer, nothing else.

Pacey is standing at Tamara's desk when she comes into class. He tries to talk with her about what happened between them but she brushes him off, telling him to leave.

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