Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 3 - Kiss

Dawson and Joey are watching a romantic movie and Dawson starts talking about his how he wants his first kiss with Jen to be. They argue about movies and fantasy versus reality.

The film class is thinking of more ideas for their class project. Dawson shares an idea, but the others don't take it. Pacey fails a quiz in Ms. Jacobs's class, but he wants her to tutor him and she agrees. Joey sees a mystery guy and she takes interest in him. Jen gets a part in the class movie.

Pacey has his tutoring session with Ms. Jacobs and she promises to give him "positive reinforcement" if he answers the study guide questions correctly. Joey sees her mystery man on the dock and they start talking. He is a rich young man named Anderson. Joey lies about being rich and she says her name is Deborah Karrson. They plan to go sailing the next day. Pacey anwers two of three questions right so far. Nellie, the producer of the film, yells at Dawson to stop butting in. After getting the third queston right, Pacey tries to make a move. Ms. Jacobs realizes that it would be his first time. She feels too guilty and tells him to go home.

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