Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 5 - Hurricane

In Dawson's room, Dawson and Joey talk about what movie they would like to watch for the bad weather after finishing Twister, Towering Inferno or Poseidon Adventure. Dawson turns on the news and finds out that Hurricane Chris is coming to the area and they also find out that school has been cancelled for the hurricane. Dawson then sees his mother and Bob doing the newscast and gets upset about their affair. Joey gets up to leave and tells Dawson to deal with the situation. Dawson is left alone in his room and turns back on the news and watches his mom and Bob.

The hurricane is coming into town and the wind is blowing really badly and people are boarding up their windows and getting prepared for the hurricane. Dawson's mom, Gale, is volunteering to cover the hurricane, but her job tells her to stay home. She is upset and thinks that only men are equipped to cover hurricanes. Dawson's father, Mitch, is going next door to ask the neighbors to join them for the hurricane. Dawson and Gale are left alone and they talk about how great Mitch is and he keeps making her feel bad about the affair. Pacey and his brother, a policeman, are putting out signs to deter people from swimming in the ocean before the hurricane hits land. Pacey keeps on telling his brother that he is gay, but his brother, Doug, gets upset and tells him that he is not gay. Joey's sister and her boyfriend talk about having their son circumcised and they can't come to an agreement. Joey suggests that they all go to Dawson's house for the storm. Pacey sees Tamara, but Doug is there so they can't kiss and they have to talk about school. Doug and Tamara flirt with each other and Pacey is upset about it. Mitch comes over to Jen's grandparents' house and asks to help them with the storm. Jen talks to Dawson and she tells him that she has noticed how he has been cold to her.

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