Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 6 - Baby

The show opens with Joey and Dawson watching a movie, as usual. When the movie is over Joey gets up to leave. Dawson asks her why she is leaving she tells her Bessie is due anytime. He then says, You never leave after one movie, then Jen, who hasn't been on screen until then, makes a comment about being there and that being a first too. The three of them discuss the situation. Joey won't stay because she feels uncomforable so Jen says she'll leave. She feels she interrupted a ritual. Joey said she won't stay if Jen leaves because she will feel like she drove her away. Jen won't stay if Joey leaves because her grandmother will get upset with her for being with Dawson by herself which ends with both girls leaving.


Joey and Bessie are having a mild argument again. Bodie asks Joey to lighten up on Bessie, that that she will be back to her old self once the baby is born. Joey tells him that's what she's afraid of.

At school Pacey is talking to Dawson in the bathroom about how he asks Ms. Jacobs on a real date to Providence and that she didn't say yes but she didn't say no. He starts checking under a few stalls to see if anyone is in there but he doesn't check under all of them. He and Dawson continue to talk then leave the bathroom. Unknown to both of them, there is someone in one of the stalls smoking and they heard the whole conversation.

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