Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 8 - Boyfriend

Dawson is settled in bed, channel-surfing. As he decides to watch the American Movie Channel, Joey enters via his window. Her newborn nephew's excessive crying has left her exhausted, so she has come to Dawson's hoping for a night of normal sleep. He offers her his bed. They almost immediately start discussing the movie he is watching, with Dawson complaining that the "Gary Cooper"-type no longer "gets the girl." He asks what has happened then looks over to see Joey already asleep, and mutters, "That's what I thought."


Mitch and Gale engage in awkward, forced conversation as they eat breakfast. Dawson avoids them and rushes off to school, leaving them to deal with the tension alone.

After nearly hitting Pacey, a town visitor in a flashy car asks him for directions to the local high school.

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