Kelly Rowland's Scripted Tendencies

Eight episodes into The Fashion Show, I'll admit, I've yet to give an actual verdict on whether the show's any good or not, more so on the back of the show it half-ceremoniously replaced, Project Runway. Well, you can say it's doing something right, since I'm getting pretty engrossed with the show despite my lack of fashion sense, and in a way that's different from Runway. I have favorites, I have annoyances, and I actually understand what they're talking about. Ahh, finally, accessibility of sorts, although I still get lost in the terms. Halston? Nosebleed.

But, of course, there are some things that need fixing. For some reason, The Fashion Show feels hastily put together, and some episodes feel like it's more aimed at the drama than the craftsmanship, like the fight Merlin set up in vain last week. Sometimes I feel a little disengaged with the way it is paced, without giving me a chance to take the designs in--perhaps it's what they intended, but I don't know. But there's one thing that's so obvious, I don't know of anyone else who doesn't hold the same opinions as me: what the heck is Kelly Rowland doing here?

Okay. So the argument's been drawn out from the very first episode. Kelly's not exactly an authority on fashion, something that even she admits--she's co-hosting the show because, in her own words (which I probably misquoted), "I've been in the front rows of many fashion shows." She wasn't exactly known for being a trendsetter, and to be honest, I don't think we paid that much attention to her during her years as part of Destiny's Child. (I'm not saying she's not good musically--just that, naturally, we trained our sights on Beyonce Knowles. Or it's just me.)

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