Preview of Episode 2 "Flip of the Hair"

Will Sebastian ever stop flipping his hair? Perhaps that's not likely to happen, especially since the second episode of NYC Prep is fittingly called "Flip of the Hair." Expect romantic dramas to erupt tonight at 9pm on Bravo.

When we last saw NYC Prep, seniors Jessie and PC established themselves as the King and Queen of the NYC prep school scene. And since they used to be an item, Jessie got tense every time PC laid his eyes on a new girl. Viewers also met Camille, the prim and proper prep school junior whose obsession with Harvard appears to be killing her social life, and prep school junior Kelli, who is living the dream with her own apartment. While dining with friends, Kelli ran into sophomore Sebastian, who has a serious playboy reputation, and found herself falling under his spell. Last but not the least, there's public school student Taylor, who saw Sebastian as her ticket into the tight knit prep school scene.

The drama continues tonight as Taylor makes a decision in choosing between Cole and Sebastian, who woos both Taylor and Kelli ---whose own ex-boyfriend later arrives. Meanwhile, Camille decides that it's time to stop making excuses about being too busy and start dating. As a result, Camille hosts a dinner party that's filled with drama from the moment the first guest arrives.

One of the highlights of this episode would probably involve PC insulting Kelli while on a blind date while Cole and Sebastian get their first face-to-face encounter. Then things heat up when PC starts insulting Jessie and appears to be burning too many bridges this time.

Will you watch tonight's episode of NYC Prep? Or have you had enough of the real-life filthy rich drama? Perhaps this installment will change your mind.

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