'Glee': Puck woos us with 'The Lady is a Tramp' Episode 18

"Glee" can get a bit after school special-y at times, I think we can all agree. However, I thought this episode did a solid job of keeping the "be yourself" lesson from becoming too preachy, largely thanks to the superhumanly talented Chris Colfer. He skated effortlessly between humor and raw emotion, and you can bet I'll be rewatching his "Rose's Turn" more than once before clearing this episode off the DVR...

Kurt's Turn: Kurt's upset his dad is taking Finn and his mom to a Red's game, which, seriously ... even if you don't think he'll like it, you gotta ask! When he confides to Sue that he's afraid his sexuality is driving his dad away, she reminds him he's never even kissed anyone before, boy or girl. After a little self-makeover involving plaid flannel and John Mellencamp, Kurt is unable to resist the charm of Brittany's "make out with me so that I'll have made out with every guy in the school" come-on. I mean, what is he, made of stone?

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