'Nurse Jackie': Harvey Fierstein comes to the ER Season 2, Episode 8

A girl who works for Allure winds up in the ER with a bullet in the head, and Jackie promises her she'll be around after the surgery. If you know Jackie, you know that didn't happen; what you might not expect is how roundly and effectively the girl calls Jackie on it.

The other case, a gay couple with a DNR situation, is just as powerful -- funny, touching, intriguing -- with the added firepower of Harvey Fierstein, who's so known for being such a great actor and performer that you forget what a good actor he actually is. His exasperation at being treated -- by everybody from Coop to Thor -- as a walking sandwich board for GAYNESS is especially sour and well-tuned. Not that playing a heartbroken lonely old gay near-widower is the freshest territory for him, and not that his tics aren't just as visible now as they've always been, but he still managed to wring tears out of it.

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