M. Night Shyamalan Waited so Long for 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Movie

En route to its July 2, 2010 launch, the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie called The Last Airbender is quickly gathering hype, thanks to the trailer released recently. More than a year before The Last Airbender hits movie screens, the hit Nickelodeon series adaptation became a hit far beyond its original 6 to 11-year-old demo, no small thanks to its amazing and complete mythology and engaging storyline.

Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan, who takes the reins in The Last Airbender, tells If Magazine that he waited so long for something like Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it was kids who introduced him to the Nickelodeon animated series.

"I have always wanted to develop a long mythology based franchise like The Lord of the Rings," he said. "But I had, until now, never found a good one where I could also add a little bit of my personal vision... I was offered other franchises, but passed. And then this one came from my own family - it was suggested by my children who loved the TV animated series. When I saw the cartoon I thought it was so well thought out in term of mythology. It had Buddhism, and martial Arts, and CGI [and it was] character based."

Shyamalan adds that The Last Airbender will offer something more than a treat to the eyes, "but also for the mind and the soul." He also said that the Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation has "deeper issues" including genocide and balance and how everything is connected in the planet.

"It's an important movie, not just a blockbuster summer movie."

Currently, The Last Airbender is the only movie announced for the July 4th holiday weekend of that year. It began filming in May this year, and he will need four or five huge soundstages in the Philadelphia area to produce the film.

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