Review Lie to Me: Season 2, Episode 3 - Control Factor

When I first heard about Lightman's Mexican holiday via Shawn Ryan's Twitter account, I had pretty high hopes for it because as he suggested, it should be a "fun one." I assumed it would just be Cal and Emily having a grand ol' time, making fun of cabana boys when they lied about being out of pineapple juice or dark rum. There was some of that, but Cal, who always needs something to do, ending up getting embroiled in a fairly interesting case. The problem? The case that Gillian and the rest of the team got caught up in was far more intriguing and Cal wasn't there to take part of in any of it. Well... sort of.

As the title of the episode indicates, Lightman is a bit of a control freak and it came as no surprise that he was able to tap into the office's security cameras from his laptop. He might not have been physically there, but Cal was still in charge as we saw when he spied on Loker and texted him to give Gillian that blue folder. He essentially cracked that one guy just by staring at 30 seconds of camera footage.

Not exactly the most relaxing way to spend a vacation, but then again, neither is getting involved in a missing persons case. While there were some highlights - seeing Emily play good cop to Lightman's bad cop was very fun to watch - it overall fell flat for me. Bringing in Torres didn't really help and the surprise twist (the missing woman was involved with a scam artist running an embryo bank) wasn't exactly earth-shattering either.

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