Review Lie to Me: Season 2, Episode 4 - Honey

Looks like it didn't take long for Cal's decision to buy out Zoe to catch up to The Lightman Group. Cash poor, Cal has been relegated to handling simple, pedestrian cases that do nothing more than bring in a paycheck. As the episode opened, there was obviously the possibility that Cal was actually at that singles mixer for himself, but it became clear pretty quickly what he was up to once he started grilling that blonde about marital fidelity.

Lightman looked embarrassed that he had to be doing it, but it did lead to a very heated discussion between him and Gillian. It would have been nice to see them argue a bit more about where their income will come from, but then a case that guaranteed to not pay anything wandered in the front door. Good thing, too, because it turned out to be arguably Lie to Me's strongest episode to date.

Maybe it was because Cal had no choice but to figure out the truth or maybe it was because of the ubiquitous Garret Dillahunt's (seriously, is there a show he hasn't been on?) fantastic guest turn, but "Honey" was just chock full of the types of moments that have made past eps of Lie to Me better than they should have been.

Cal fighting for his own life while drawing comparisons to his own failed marriage brought a much deeper, and in some ways psychological, tension to his stand-off with Eric. The two of them played cat and mouse perfectly, even if it felt like cat and cat at times because Cal understood so much about Eric.

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