Review Lie to Me: Season 2, Episode 5 - Grievous Bodily Harm

Easily the best episode of Lie to Me to date, I have to wonder -- I can't be the only out there who's just dying to know more about Cal's past, right? Lennie James guest-starred as Terry Marsh, one of Cal's old crime pals and his arrival created so many questions that have just pushed aside anything else going on at The Lightman Group. Unless Gillian or Loker turn out to be serial killers from past lives, nothing else really matters right now besides Cal's history.

That's saying a lot, if you think about it, because the case that Loker, Torres, and Gillian handled by themselves was really very interesting. Finding out that the gym teacher condoned the hazing that was taking place was predictable, yes, but it still worked well since Loker found so much in common with Stacy, the student who was at the brunt of the class' ridicule.

My only complaint? She still made a "I'm gonna kill you all and blow up the school" video, yet by the end of the hour, that seemed set aside since everyone felt so bad for her. Sad story? Certainly, but we were left with the impression that her actions were going to be unpunished, despite the circumstances, and that didn't seem right.

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