White Collar Review: "Home Invasion" Episode 11

Both Elizabeth and Mozzie were noticeably absent from "Home Invasion" this week. One can only guess why.

The boys did do a good job carrying the show without them, but we actually have to admit, we missed these two!

Mozzie brings about a level of comic relief that is much needed. With his ability to easily get into cases unnoticed is fantastic. Off topic, whatever happened to him last week anyway? We know Neal got caught, but what about Mozzie? That angle of the show was left unfinished. We hope he is okay!

Elizabeth still has yet to really break out. We loved last week how she finally got jealous about Peter's undercover antics, but the romance still needs to heat up! I hope she plays a larger role in the Kate/Fowler situation. That would be so good!

Back to the storyline, last night did not have us yelling at the TV, but it did keep us entertained. We really enjoyed watching Peter move in on Neal's home territory. How great was it that he took his seat? Their relationship is definitely blossoming more than just friends - we dare say they are becoming brothers!

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