Top Moments: An Incestuous Kiss, a Golden Girl Goes Blue and Conan Takes His Final Bow

Relatives: We love them, we hate them, we have sexy catfights with them in the pool. This was the week Big Love's Margene kissed her son, One Tree Hill's James sisters splashed out their differences and Conan O'Brien gave his corporate parents the most magnanimous goodbye imaginable. Welcome to Top Moments: We Are Family Edition.

11. Best Catfight: Taylor James returns to One Tree Hill with her sister Quinn's ex-husband in tow. A tense dinner ends with the three James sisters - Haley, Taylor and Quinn - scratching and pulling hair in the Scott family pool while the boys write a letter to the network protesting such a sleazy plot development. Ha-ha, just kidding; they drink beers and watch.

10. Best Antihero: Thursday's Fringe shows us a different side of Walter when a neo-Nazi bioterrorist steals Walter's father's research and uses it to kill. Walter ultimately subdues the perpetrator with a dose of his own toxin, but he also kills him, much to the chagrin of FBI Special Agent Broyles.

9. Best Meltdown: We get that it isn't easy to pick out fabric when the Project Runway clock is ticking, but Ping's Mood meltdown was a little much. She loses her sketchbook, her teammate Jesse and an envelope containing $500. No wonder Ping gets the pong at the end of the episode.

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