Friends: Where Are They Now? - Matt LeBlanc (#6)

#6. Matt LeBlanc

On Screen:

You would think that Matt LeBlanc was The One With the Most Potential, because after all, it is LeBlanc that was gifted a Friends spin-off by NBC; a should-be success with a built-in fanbase of millions.

Too bad that Joey was pretty much unwatchable, even for the most die-hard of Friends fans (I gave it about 5 episodes before determining it to be a lost cause). Somehow though, Joey survived 2 seasons and 47 episodes.

And since Joey? Check out Matt LeBlanc's IMDb credits. Holy crap! Matt LeBlanc has not even starred in any C-rate TV movies. Joey is LeBlanc's sole post-Friends credit (though he is supposedly working "behind the camera" now).

Off Screen:

LeBlanc got a divorce from his wife after he cheated on her with his Joey co-star. He is also currently being sued by his former manager, though according to LeBlanc, she's crazy.

Hottness Retained?

Depends which image you look at (and there aren't too many current ones to choose from).

The image on the left is from circa 2006, and not to be mean, but I can see why LeBlanc is working behind the camera now. Yikes! However, in the image on the right, though LeBlanc looks decidedly old, he doesn't look half bad (minus the cancer stick), and might rank above a few yet to be named Friends castmembers.

Since these two images are drastically different (and what LeBlanc looks like in 2008 is a mystery), we'll have to settle for a "Maybe" in answering the above question.

So, with a definitive "No" for both onscreen and offscreen success and only a "Maybe" for "Hotness Retained", Matt LeBlanc earns himself the #6 slot in our Friends: Where Are They Now (in order of success) Feature.

On to the #5 selection: Matthew Perry


Default avatar cat
Aug 19, 2008 6:50AM EDT

oh my..! haha never knew all this about him. hmm, interesting. thanks :) i think its quite clear who the #1 should be :D

Default avatar cat
Aug 19, 2008 10:24AM EDT

OH MY GOD, Joey is old! He has grey hair! That must mean I am old! Oy!

Aug 19, 2008 12:54PM EDT

Oy indeed! Sounds like he's doing okay now, but fell on some rough times... not sure if cheating with his co-star or thinking "Joey" was a good idea in the first place is worse. But hey, if he's still around Hollywood and not getting DUIs and appearing with more than a "cancer stick," I think our buddy Joey is doin' all right... kind of.

Default avatar cat
Aug 19, 2008 9:20PM EDT

And the question of "How You Doin'?!" in regards to good ol' Matt LeBlanc finally gets answered with a resounding.. Yikes!
Poor Joey has seen better days!

Large good to be queen
Aug 21, 2008 6:46AM EDT

Sorry, but you picked the worst pictures possible. Here he is in 2007 at the Emmys:
They aren't kids anymore. I think he looks more mature, of course, but still nice for 41.

Default avatar cat
Aug 21, 2008 11:27AM EDT

i love how the story with his manager here has its similarities to that of his with his manager from friends

Default avatar cat
Apr 13, 2009 5:22PM EDT

omg he looks well different, i had been wandering here he got. but obviously no one knows really lol never mind its kinda weird 2 see him not play joey anyways, like that film umm lost in space i think was weird lol

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