Chuck 4.02 ''Chuck vs. the Suitcase'' Recap

If you missed last week's season premiere, Chuck vs. the Anniversary, check out my recap here.

This week's episode of Chuck begins in Milan. A gorgeous woman is being chased through the streets when she ducks into a doorway. She retrieves a gun from her pure, steps out, and fires. The bullet glows blue as it perfectly finds its target: the pursuer's head. The woman steps over her handiwork and escapes. In Ellie and Devon's apartment, Devon rattles through a list of decisions that need to be made before the baby six months. Will they teach their child Spanish, French, or go outside the box and choose Japanese? Ellie changes the subject, congratulating Chuck, and Morgan too, on their first day of work back at the Buy More. Devon starts rambling again, ending with wondering if Chuck and Sarah will be having a child soon. Morgan scoffs, noting that Sarah would have to actually unpack her bags in her and Chuck's apartment before they even think of having children. Later, in their bedroom, Chuck does mention to Sarah that they have been living together for nine months and she still hasn't unpacked. She explains that she is a spy and she never knows when she has to leave for a mission, but he swears it's OK. You're here, and that's all that matters, he says. It's not weird at all.

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