Entourage: "Tequila and Coke" Review Season 7, Episode 7

Entourage's latest episode was proof that the show can work even when it's not all that funny. "Tequila and Coke" managed to hit the mark by upping the dramatic stakes and pushing Vince and company (but mostly Vince) down an exceedingly dark path, one far more substantial than the "obstacles" the series' writers have placed in front of these characters in seasons past.

Because let's face it: although a large part of this show's appeal has always been the opportunity for viewers to live vicariously through the gang, the writers have often sacrificed compelling drama and accepted a sort of dramatic complacency in their efforts to milk the audience's celebrity fantasies. For that reason, Vince's descent into drug and alcohol abuse was long overdue, and is far more intriguing than the character starring in a few unsuccessful movies.

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