'Chuck' - 'Chuck Versus the Honeymooners' Season 3, Episode 14 Recap

Let's review the steps that brought us to this moment: 'Chuck' originally only had a 13 episode order for this season so the last episode wrapped things up pretty well and left the story on a happy note. Then, NBC ordered additional episodes (see details in our Chris Fedak interview), so in effect we're seeing "Season 3.2". Also, there's a good chance that 'Chuck' will be renewed next year.

That's everything. Shall we begin with this episode? Okeedokee then.

Chuck and Sarah are now officially together. The question is, what happens next? That's what they have to ask themselves while they're on a train in France.

Obviously, contrary to what they established at the beginning of the episode, there was no way in hell that they were quitting the spy game. You do that and the show is over. Still, it was nice to have the montage in the beginning where Chuck and Sarah pretty much work off three years of frustration.

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