Rubicon: ''The Outsider'' Review Episode 4

With Will out of town, Miles, Grant and Tanya are forced to deal with a rather weighty decision that will determine whether or not an Al-Qaeda operative named Kateb will be assassinated. Further intel indicates that the hotel he's staying at is close to the where civilians (including children) live. This makes the decision all the more difficult. This was a good opportunity to flesh out the characters in Will's team and the story did a fairly good job of focusing how each of them coped with such a demanding decision.

Grant, Miles and Tanya pour their emotions into this tough decision while also weighing the statistical pros and cons of assassinating the Al-Qaeda operative. The decision weighs heavily on Tanya whose apparent drug and alcohol abuse rears its ugly head ever so subtly. Meanwhile, Miles and Grant, the seasoned veterans, assess inaction versus action.

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