Episode Recap: "He Never Said He Had a Girlfriend"

Adam may have thought he put the kibosh on the infamous kiss drama, but little did he know it was only going to get worse. It was crying, confrontations and kisses in this week's episode of The City. Oh, just another day in the life...

Allie has found a new friend in Whitney and confides in her that she doesn't know how to feel about Adam's alleged infidelity. Whitney tells her that unfortunately the boys are living a lifestyle that leaves their girls no choice but to question them. At work the next day, Whitney invites Olivia to the art show that Adam and Jay are mounting. She warns her that the evening may be a little intense, but Olivia doesn't want to hear about it. She tells Whitney that, as an adult, she should stay out of it too. "I just needed someone to talk to about it, but if you don't want to hear it..." Whitney says. Looks like she'll have to deal with this on her own. Samantha and Catarina are also going to the art show, which can only mean disaster. "We all know the truth... why didn't he just tell me he had a girlfriend?" Cat says. She's conflicted though because, on the one hand, she feels bad and wants to tell Allie the story, but on the other, what you don't know can't hurt you.

So while Adam tells Jay that he's sorted out the mess, Erin has an epiphany that, OMG, Sammy is bringing Cat and so both Cat and Allie will be there. As if MTV would have it any other way. At first the party seems pretty status quo. Olivia brings her ever-so-charming cousin Nevan and Erin ponders the artwork. "What's your medium?" she asks one of the artists. "A lot of whiskey, coffee, wine. The canvas tells me what to do," he responds. Anyone else laugh at that? Anyway, things get awkward when Catarina ends up standing right next to Allie but doesn't say anything. Finally, Allie steps in and starts the conversation that was bound to happen. Cat pretty much tells her how it is, that they did kiss and that she didn't know he had a girlfriend. She starts telling her how awful she feels and Allie starts to tear up as she realizes the story may be true. Allie eventually hides in the bathroom as Whitney consoles her until Jay gives Adam the heads-up about what went down. "Why are you gonna cry about this?" he asks, still denying the kiss ever happened. Like a true gentleman, Adam offers to go confront and yell at Cat, as if that would solve anything. Allie decides just to go home instead, and outside the gallery Adam tries to plead with her. She asks him how he'd feel if the situation were reversed and Adam finally stops fighting her on it. He says he would feel the same way and agrees with her, except he still can't admit to it.

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