Cougar Town 2.01 ''All Mixed Up'' - Review

Cougar Town is a series that I didn't watch regularly but always enjoyed when I did last season. Anytime I catch it, the series seems much more willing to explore new beats for its characters, unlike its ABC comedy partner Modern Family. While absolutely nothing has changed on Modern Family, Cougar Town (which completed a nice transition in focus last season) is at least willing to introduce some minor complications for its characters.

All Mixed Up sees the characters in the cul-de-sac facing life outside their cozy little set-up. Jules attempts to survive a day without Grayson attached to her hip. Ellie doesn't like it that Jules is telling all her problems to her kooky shrink Glenn (played by the guesting Jennifer Aniston). Travis gets prepared for his journey to college by having a no-sleeping contest with Laurie. And Andy tries to protect a sign of Jules that keeps getting vandalized.

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