'Cougar Town' recap: The kiss heard 'round the block Episode 12

You know a sitcom is good when you laugh out loud even when you're watching alone, and when you actually care about the characters enough to say, No, no, no! when they do something they shouldn't, like Grayson and Laurie kissing at the end of last night's episode. But let's back up.

I believe Cougar Town is the only show on TV that serves more wine than Brothers & Sisters. A bottle of red loosened Jules up enough to tell Jeff (guest star Scott Foley, you will be missed!) You'd make a pretty girl Seriously, I have a skirt that's a little too big for me, and god knows, you've got the legs. All we got to do is shave you down, and then tuck some stuff back up At first, Jeff resisted, but ultimately, he tried it on. This, plus his willingness to carry Jules up stairs (notice the space there, which means lazy me sees this as beneficial outside the home), and the fact that he laughed off Jules tearing into him for being 11 minutes late for dinner and did the does this look ridiculous naked shimmy, makes Jeff a keeper in my book. Jules, however, thought they were getting too comfortable too fast - and even though she didn't want to see Jeff with other women, and she wasn't seeing anyone but him, she couldn't handle the pressure of the word exclusive and had to break it off. For the sake of the show, which is supposed to be about a fortysomething woman on the prowl, this relationship couldn't last forever. And I suppose it's nice to see the message that a playboy can get to the point that he's looking for commitment. But seriously, I don't know how Jules, who's only been divorced for eight months, turns away a man that can be that sweet and still retain some of his bad-boy sexiness. (I also can't believe I just called Scotty Foley bad-boy sexy. Good for him.)

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