Susan Sarandon on ER

Does anyone watch ER anymore? I'm happy this is the last season, but that show really should have ended, lke, ten years ago. How many fires, earthquakes, bombs, falling out of the sky helicopters, limbs lost, addictions fought and people resurrected from the dead should one audience be expected to tolerate? Country General Hospital should have been shut down about fifteen hundred cataclysmic disasters ago. That show fucking exhausts me.

ER is credited as the show that gave George Clooney his break. To me, he will always be George the handyman at the Over Our Heads novelty shop, on The Facts of Life. Longtime fans have been hopeful that Clooney would return for the final season, and it looks like they are getting their wish. Also appearing for the George episode was Susan Sarandon. Not sure how she fits into the storyline, but don't be surprised if her character suffers a fatal implant explosion.

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