'Survivor: Samoa' Episode 2: Welcome to the One-Tribe Show - Recap

Last week on Survivor: Samoa, pudgy Russell flexed his muscles, orchestrating Marisa's exit from Foa Foa purely on the power of persuasion--or, perhaps, his belief that she's threatening him. This week, it's pretty much the same. Or maybe not.

First off, I might as well call this Survivor: Foa Foa, for everything that's happening seems to be over there. I mean, last week and this week? Well, there's Yasmin getting used to living in the outdoors. But I warned you.

Yellow Russell starts working the tribe, again. He talks to Betsy, but all he gets is the "I won't trust you but we'll talk" line. Then he talks to Jaison, convincing him that they'd make a good alliance. It works, so Russell starts talking about the hidden immunity idol--he wants to look for it, never mind that there are no clues yet. Might as well strike early, he says. Jaison doesn't think there's one.

Just as the rest of the tribe start gorging on a delicious lizard, he find the necklace, hidden under a tree, barely sneaking it out by slipping it in his shorts. Then he tells Jaison about it, and now he's seen it, he thinks he can trust Russell. That's all he wants anyway. Trust. "I want him to think that I will [give it] if he needs me," he said.

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