Rundown: Episode 18, "All About a Brand New You"

It wasn't among The CW's early renewals yesterday, but creator Rina Mimoun is presenting the season two storyline to CW execs this week. So, bottom line: Cross your fingers.

This finale - which even ended with the hopeful words "to be continued" doesn't leave me with the kind of cliffhanger that I desperately need to have resolved, but it does set up lots of great material for a second season, if not beyond. I really hope this show gets picked up for another season!

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* This episode turned on the waterworks for me - I couldn't help it! It's so sweet when Sage and Marco have their heart-to-heart about Luis, ending with Marco telling Sage, "I love you, too." And then there's the actual wedding itself which, come on, it's a wedding! Even Sage cried! And finally, when Sage calls Rose "Rosie" at the end and tells her how brave it is to do her big wilderness trip - tear!

* Speaking of which: Rose's decision to grow up and become independent clearly wasn't all talk and no action, to the point that she gets a big box with a knife delivered to her (you can ship that?) for her upcoming Outward Bound survival trip. Not only is she skipping out on Spring Break with Sage in Aspen for it, but she's also alienating her friends with her questionable outdoorsy fashion choices and bug spray scent.

* I'm glad we got to see at least a little tutoring in this episode, because it definitely hasn't been the focus for a while. Megan is sweet with Sage, suggesting that maybe she actually try hard on something rather than just squeaking by with minimal effort. Also love this exchange:

Megan: "I'm surprised at how quickly you came to that conclusion."

Sage: "I'm a big fan of Blink."

* For that matter, this episode is one of the quippiest we've had in a while. Sage's "I don't need bullet points to get people to agree with me; I have a black AmEx card for that," "I think it might be too moist for love," and "Fleece, Rose? Seriously? Why not get a perm and call it a day?" are a few of my favorites.

* Kathy Griffin as the guys' wedding planner - what did you think? I think she was perfectly cast, though at the same time I'm glad she didn't have any more lines than she did.

* With all the growing Rose is doing, it's nice to see some from Sage as well. Dumping Luis must be hard - it's her first real breakup - but she wants someone who's open to new ideas, and Luis's opposition to Marco and Keith's wedding means he's not that guy for her.

* All this "personal growth stuff," as Rose puts it, is actually really inspiring! I now have an urge to go on a big outdoor adventure ... or something else spontaneous and challenging.

* The dancing scene at the wedding is adorable! I want to believe they just basically turned on some good music, told the cast to dance, and let the cameras roll.

* I liked that the episode seems like a very final finale - wrapping up some storylines, including having Laurel love the book Megan's writing about her - but with a fun twist at the end. As Megan talks to Will on the phone and invites him over to talk I was so relieved that she didn't go out with that new guy ... except she did! Having him sit up in her bed and grin, followed by her cute little "Holy crap!"? Super awesome ending.

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