'FlashForward' - 'Future Shock' Recap (Series Finale) Episode 21

While it was by no means perfect, the 'FlashForward finale did a great job of setting up the potential fun of future seasons that will never be. As a series finale, it didn't really accomplish as much as I would have liked.

While last week, it was all about our various cast members putting themselves into situations that would seem to make it impossible for them to be in place for their flashforwards at 10PM PT, this week was an exploration of just how much you can alter what fate has foretold for you.

Mark found out when the next blackout would occur, which was one of the better surprises on the night. It did, however, set up one of the most implausible situations of the entire series so far. But, it also got the sci-fi fanboy in me excited about what could have been. Meanwhile, 'FlashForward' gets to go down in television history as another genre network series that didn't come close to a proper finish.

The writers did a good job of giving us everyone's pivotal flashforward moment. Sure, you could look at it as a lot of hackneyed contrivances, but the romantic in me prefers to believe that Keiko's mother caused that diversion not because the writers didn't know how else to get Keiko and Bryce together, but because of genuine affection for her daughter.

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