Dexter: Up Close and Personal with Trinity

The moment we've all been waiting for finally happened in "If I Had a Hammer," the sixth episode of Dexter's fourth season: Dexter Morgan finally got up close to Trinity while we learned more about Arthur Mitchell's personal life. Last week, it was revealed that Trinity is a husband and father, proving that he and Dexter aren't so different at all. This week, however, we learned that Trinity is so much more than Dexter thought he would be because as it turns out, he's also a teacher, humanitarian, and deacon of his church.

Suddenly, Dexter found himself envying this so-called monster for leading the "normal" life he dreams of while still continuing his killing spree. But the extent of Dexter's jealousy was somehow masked as he found out how damaged Trinity is. Basically, Dexter learned that Trinity's sister was murdered in a bathtub, his mother jumped to her death while his father was bludgeoned to death, and Trinity has been recreating the deaths of his family for the past three decades though it is still unclear why.

The highlight of the episode, however, was when Dexter entered Trinity's house where Trinity strangled Dexter on the wall before realizing that he had to let Dexter go since this was neither the time nor the place to kill him. And all that's left to do was talk about how Trinity has managed to live the suburban family life without compromising who he is.

How can Dexter kill Trinity now that he holds the answers to all his questions? Something tells me that Trinity might not even suffer at the hands of Dexter in the end, but if he does, Dexter has to make sure he's one step ahead of Miami Metro, particularly his sister Deb, who is now on Trinity's trail after realizing that she and Lundy weren't shot by the Vacation Murderer.

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