TNT sets return date for Leverage - Featured

This morning some good news leaked out sooner than expected, although I don't think it was that big a surprise to learn that TNT is bringing Leverage back on Wednesday, January 13 at 10 p.m. Surprise news or not, it's still great to know that we have fresh episodes coming in early 2010.

There are six episodes of Leverage left from season two, then the third season will commence in the summer. This set up is a lot like The Closer, and you know how well that split schedule has been working. By the way, you do know that split schedules is one of the things I'm most grateful about this holiday season, don't you?

Leverage had a very good freshman season, but I was enjoying the sophomore season even more. Nate was more vulnerable and at least initially reluctant to get the group back together again. And there was the matter of his drinking. Sophie was having relationship issues. Hardison and Parker were dancing around their lust for each other. Eliot was given more character development, like his connection to kids.

The cons were interesting, the effects very cool, and in a consistently fun way, they were winning me over week after week. January can't come soon enough for me.

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